The Varp is the sonic offspring of Dr Richard ‘Tate’ Taylor and Oliver Betts. This month they release their debut record.

Concieved, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by The Varp at The Volt Studios in 2006. With additional guitars by Paul Betts.

See what they’re saying about “Hymns From Inside A Snail”:

“I like the CD cover, but the music is rubbish. It sounds like they just play what they want, but none of them can play their instruments”
Vol's son


"I don’t like Art-House, Freeform Jazz, type music - and I think the Sax is the worst sounding instrument ever to be created - especially when it's played by someone like you two"

“The strangest record I have received in many a day...what it means? I have absolutely no idea”
Mike Bradshaw, Totally Radio

“Great cd, great cover. Thanks for counting me as a fan. Who knows, perhaps next time I'll need to cough up my £12 at Virgin to get a copy of the new album, which I would.”
Dinos, Greece


Hymns From Inside A Snail
£8.00 + £1.00 P&P